All I Ever Needed

John E Dosher


I’ve searched for gold at the end of the rainbow

I’ve looked for my life in the stars at night

I’ve waited for answers to come out of nowhere

Done too many wrongs when I was trying to do right


Spent too much time talking when I should have been listening

Spent too much time denying the truth

I wanted a palace filled with wisdom and gold

(But) All I Ever Needed Was You


You were all I ever needed And you were there all the time

Telling me stories And making them rhyme

You were more than I imagined, somehow I never knew

(That) All I Ever Needed Was You


I fought for deliverance and a place in a world

Where all the places had been used

I fought with myself til I had no fight left

(And) All I Ever Needed was You


Love is the answer, faith is the key

But somehow I couldn’t see through

I looked for directions and I looked at the past

But All I Ever Needed Was You