Angels On The Doorstep

John E Dosher


Angels on the doorstep

Teardrops on their faces

Bruises on their legs

And in their hearts

Looking out for someone

Looking out for love

Looking for a world

That won’t be torn apart



Give a little laughter,  Give a little hope

Give a little time to help them learn to spread their wings

 And when your life is over, and you’re wondering what it meant

You’ll understand when you hear the words the angels sing


When they’re hungry, they feed you

When they’re tired, they give you rest

When they’re hurting,

They give you their best smile

With no one else to turn to

And nothing left to fear

They bring us love

And stay with us a while


Repeat Chorus


Every child’s an angel, Every child is hope

Every child’s a promise, And a prayer

Every child is an angel, Come to lead us home

Guiding us, reminding us

Open up our hearts and care


Repeat Chorus