Glory, Glory, Glory

John E Dosher


On a day he can’t remember

He had a night he’ll never forget

A weary angel took him in

And graced him with her bed


When he looked into her frightened eyes

He saw his own loneliness

It disappeared behind her smile

And died with her caress


She broke his heart and mended it

Shared with him her soul

She let him laugh then she listened

To his craziness unfold


She sang to him and gave him life

Her laughter gave him hope

Her sweet caress had magic in it

And she always seemed to know


CHORUS 1X And they sang Glory, Glory Glory. Amen


He was a pirate for the evening

In the storm he’d lost his way

A Siren’s voice guided his to port

Singing something like his name


And when he cried she whispered

He exploded and she moaned

When he laughed she laughed with him

All night he held her close






He kissed her delicate shoulders

And relished in her skin

Brushed her hair across her face

Made love to her again


The sweat was pouring like holy water

That christened them deep in the night

Sealing together for eternity

Two spirits, two lovers, two lives


His angel fell into a timeless sleep

He was honored by her bliss

At dawn he heard a tiny voice

‘How do I know I didn’t dream this?”

He told her he would write it down

Put it in a song for her

A song they know will never end

And every day they add a verse


CHORUS 3X And they sing Glory, Glory Glory. Amen