To Be Insane

John E Dosher


It’s a great day to make a party

Kick back and play some games

Laugh out loud at my own jokes

It’s a great day to be insane


Mental health is overrated

Sanity is for the weak at heart

A good life ends with too much discipline

Insanity’s where a good life starts


I always heard I should be careful

About who I keep in my circle of friends

So I do my best to stay away from me

But it’s hard when I wake up in my own skin



It’s a great day to be insane

Nothing much can bother me that way

I can speak my mind and take my time

It’s the only defense I can claim


I speak the truth when no one’s listening

Lie to myself til I believe

Wait for the stars to guide me home at night

Like a lonely sailor lost at sea


I told myself I’d be on time today

And I do believe I started out that way

But I got behind a school bus that stopped on every corner

All the lights were red and then I missed my train


I pack a little pistol in my lunchbox

For protection if I need it on the way

I might use it if I’m pressured or if someone threatens me

It’s a great day to be insane


Repeat Chorus